Ted Maulucci

Ted Maulucci

Chief Information Officer - Tridel Corporation – Toronto, ON

Introduced key innovations and helped develop and drive the strategic direction of the corporation. Ability to identify and apply technology and process innovations to the business to create measurable results.

Excellent team builder with a keen focus on growing people for success.

Strong speaking and communication skills. Presenting regularly to potential investors, partners, and to the entire company at corporate events. Strong industry presence and featured regularly in several industry publications.

Chief Information Officer
Tridel Corporation –  Toronto, ON

  • Architected and launched software to control prospecting and contract administration. This project centralized data and operations and integrated departments within the company to improve productivity. Measurable savings from accuracy resulted in several areas. The solution enabled the company to sell product globally, while maintaining control.
  • Integrated business operations with partnering Law firm and developed and implemented a unique document production system. Lowered closing fees for the Developer while reducing closing staff in the Law firm by fifty percent.
  • Architected and directed the launch of several secure websites to enhance the collaboration with Customers and partnering companies.
  • Introduced the “Zero Invoice” initiative to reduce the number of invoices processed monthly. This innovation reversed the standard process of receiving and paying invoices to the process of paying suppliers automatically based on negotiated pricing and the completion of work. This project reduced staffing requirements, while delivering bottom line measurable savings.
  • Secured research and development funding and Executive level support at IBM for IntelligentBuilding project.
  • Developed a strategic partnership with Cisco that secured resources and funding to deliver intelligent building technologies in Tridel Communities. The Tridel eConcierge leveraged Cisco Telepresence technology to lower the operating cost of the concierge function in a community by a third.
  • Directed major infrastructure renewal projects.
    • Deployed SAN.
    • Core and edge switch replacement.
    • Complete building rewiring.
    • Server virtualization.
    • Archiving and backup strategy.
    • VOIP Deployment.

Senior Manager Software Development


Tridel Corporation – Toronto, ON

  • Developed and implemented software to automate customer service and construction functions in condominium projects. The solution integrated the head office and site teams to improve efficiency and profitability, while enhancing the customer experience. The solution established measurable profitability in a non performing area of the business.
  • Developed and implemented software to automate the suite warranty process contributing to numerous industry awards for outstanding customer service.
  • Provided leadership for corporate training initiative.

Construction Site Superintendent
Tridel Corporation – Toronto, ON

  • Project Managed and Supervised the Construction of a Townhouse Development.
  • Provided site supervision for the construction of two large condominium projects.


Masters in Business Administration, Real Property Development
1993–1995                    Schulich School of Business           Toronto, ON

Bachelor of Applied Science, Mechanical Engineering
1985–1989                    University of Toronto                    Toronto, ON

Awards & Achievements

  • 2002 – CIPA Gold Award of Excellence for the TEAM (Tridel Electronic Access Management) system. An award for the innovative use of information technology in a large enterprise.
  • 2003 – Microsoft published a case study on Tridel for the creation of an advanced document system with integration to their partnering Law firm.
  • 2006 – CIPA Gold Award of Excellence for the Zero Invoice Initiative. This solution applied technology and innovation to the payment process to drive substantial efficiency gains and bottom line savings for the corporation.
  • 2007 – CIO Decisions Midmarket Leadership Award. Ranked as one of the top 25 CIO’s across midmarket companies in North America.
  • 2007 – CIO 100 Award for Zero Invoice Initiative. This award ranked Tridel as one of the 100 most innovative companies in a global competition.
  • 2008 – Premier 100 Award for IT Leadership.
  • 2008 – Premier 100 “Best in Class”. Top ten in the 2008 Premier 100 group.
  • 2009 – Digie Award from Realcomm for advancing smart and connected buildings in multi-family high-rise buildings in North America.
  • 2011 – CIO 100 Innovation Award for advancing smart and connected buildings in North America.
  • 2011 – Voted “Top 35 to Watch” globally for advancements in connected real estate.
  • 2011 – CRN Magazine – Voted top 40 IT Executives that you should know.
  • 2013 – Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Award presented by the Governor General of Canada for advancing Canadian Innovation.
  • 2013 – Realcomm “Top 45 to watch in 2013”

Industry Associations

  • 2008 – 2009 – IBM Midmarket Advisory Board.
  • 2008 – Present – Realcomm Advisory Board. Promoting technology advancement in the real estate sector across North America.
  • 2009 – Present – Founding member of One Million Acts of Innovation, a group that promotes Canadian innovation through various unique programs across Canada.
  • 2011 – Supported the NSPIRE Student group by participating in their conference and mentoring students.
  • 2010 – Present – Industry Advisory Board for the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering at the University of Toronto.
  • 2010 – Present – Advisory Board for the iCanada group, promoting and supporting innovation across Canada.
  • 2011 – Present – Industry Advisory board for GeorgeBrownCollege. Assisted with the development of curriculum and supported several industry grants.
  • 2011 – Advisory board for the IT Media Group.
  • 2012 – “Digie” Award for the “Virtual Concierge” at the Reve Community.

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