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At One Million Acts of Innovation we love to make Innovation Happen!  We are developing programs that connect people and organizations in unique ways.  We connect students to businesses and entrepreneurs to support networks and researchers to resources.

Companies don’t innovate, people do.  Every innovation starts with a conversation.  We are deeply connected within the global innovation eco-system and dedicated to enabling continuous innovation.  What are our areas of deep expertise?

Innovation – We are dedicated to enabling success through innovation, one act at time.  We have specific proven methods and experience at creating innovation capabilities.  We help Businesses, Organizations and Teams break down the barriers of innovation and reach new heights of success!

Culture – We are experts in the study of culture, strategy and leadership with experience in over 400 companies and 80 countries around the world.  We clearly understand the inter-relationship between Culture, Leadership and Strategy and help organizations create a high performance culture and delivery results.

Technology – The world has changed drastically in recent years and technology is the driving force, and the change continues to accelerate.  We are deeply involved in Technology – Mobile, Social Media Marketing, IOT, Healthcare, Education, Big  Data Analytics, Cloud Solutions and more.  We bring many years of expertise as well as connections to youth, academia and new ways of thinking.

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