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Top 5 Countries for Female Entrepreneurs

Do we still live in a day and age where it is harder for a woman to become an entrepreneur? Aren’t we past the male vs. female and live in a place where women can do just about anything? When I came across a recent CNN article it opened my eyes to barriers that... read more

The road to success and its challenges…

Challenges refer to the demands or obstacles one may have to face during a journey, whether it is on a personal level or a professional level. In order to be successful and be able to achieve what you desire, it’s crucial to overcome the challenges. In this day and... read more

Advise Needed for an Accounting Student

As a university student studying business commerce/accounting I’ve been looking at different career paths that are available to me and which ones excite me. It’s important for students to research areas that they would be interested in to enable them to understand and... read more

The Dream of Being Your Own Boss

I’ve always had a dream of starting my own small business. To be your own boss and to make your own schedule sounds amazing! With the perks of owning your own business accompanies challenges as well. Knowing and researching  what challenges will lie ahead, is needed... read more

Passions of Life

Hey guys, so in my first blog, I have decided to write about the three interests of my life and the challenges associated with it that I feel will affect me in my life. So my first challenge, would definitely be the CA and CMA merging in the beginning of the year.... read more

Accounting Students Need More Than Just Technical Skills

As a student at UOIT studying business commerce/accounting I have been looking at what challenges I will be faced with when entering into my possible new career. Companies today are not only looking for accountants with technical skills but a whole range of management... read more

Why We Don’t Define Innovation – by John King

“We don’t define innovation because we don’t define innovation. Reasons are a trap of reasonableness. While rational, the act and function of innovation is, by its nature, unreasonable and out of the box thinking. We do innovation because we do innovation. That... read more

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