At One Million Acts of Innovation we develop, participate and deliver innovative programs designed to enable success through innovation, one act at a time.  We are a global network of senior and seasoned experts in multiple fields including business, culture, technology and leadership and our mission is to leverage these innovative leaders to enable success.  Check out some of our programs below and contact us to learn more!

Fast Track to creating your Mobile Strategy – Take part in our Workshop and follow our 4 step process to aligning your mobile strategy to best value, best investment.  This is the same workshop taught in several eMBA programs, let us show you how to create a winning mobile strategy.  Results are guaranteed!

Flourish – This innovative program is designed around Matching Social Media savvy University students with Business to work together on creating new opportunities – your business gets the benefit of these innovative skills and the students get on-the-job experience.  And everyone wins!

Coaching to CareerAn innovative Coaching program enabling Internationally Educated professionals to find employment appropriate to their skills, education and experience.

Expectation Gap IndexA unique and innovative solution to using crowd sourced data to understand an organization, citizen group or team.  Flexible, customizable and on demand – this solution has been used in employee engagement studies and municipal/city citizen priority gathering.  

African Innovations in Social Housing Study Visit Learn about the details of this study visit, see images and hear about the challenges and innovative and Inspirational solutions to move people out of the cycle of poverty and learn how you can help.

Youth Leadership A powerful 2 year leadership program that engages young men and woman from grades 11 and 12. This unique program teaches real life transformational leadership skills that are just not currently available to this youth group.

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