The Expectation Gap Index

What is the Expectation Gap Index?

One Million Acts of Innovation (John King) and MindSuite Metrics have partnered to provide Customized, Timely, Reportable and Relevant Ongoing Human metrics about any organizations’  or communities’ Culture.  Through its proprietary Expectation Gap Index technology, Mindsuite Metrics has been focused on collating data, reporting and providing actions for over 25 years, and is now partnering with ASU Humanities,  and John King from OMAI  to provide a comprehensive suite of products dedicated to giving visibility between an existing and desired culture along with personalized action plans and ongoing monitoring – delivered over 400 times globally.  



So why is it important?

The system was deployed in 2015 in the city of Scottsdale to provide clarity on the priorities of their citizens in a transparent and neutral way. Before MindSuite Metrics, the population thought that they were deeply divided among political, demographic and religious lines.  By leveraging the insights from data and citizen polling, they were able to not only determine the priorities of the community but also demonstrate that the previous lines of division did not really exist by leveraging the data.  In other words, the data showed that both republicans and democrats agreed on the priorities.  This unexpected/unintended outcome actually brought many of opposing  political groups together….”

In 2016 the plan in Scottsdale, through a partnership with the Chamber of Commerce, ASU and others is to reach out to all businesses in the city to measure the ongoing culture of Scottsdale business, cross reference that with ongoing community/citizen data to create and demonstrate a more supportive, integrated and innovative business community.  Not only will the businesses individually be strengthened by understanding and supporting a better culture, this will flow out into the greater community to help strengthen the community culture.

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