Flourish Social Media Program

Matching Social Media savvy University students with Business to work together on creating new opportunities.


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What is it?
Flourish is a program designed by One Million Acts of Innovation to educate students on the latest social media technologies and skills, match up student teams with Business and have them work together to create a new business opportunity and/or solve a real business challenge. Flourish is part of the University Capstone program, meaning that the students receive a course credit upon successful completion. Participating students are in their 4th year in multiple study disciplines.
Why would I participate?
The Flourish program connects business to youth and the latest social media and marketing skills. If you are looking to impact your business by leveraging social media, generate fresh new ideas and create youth employment for a nominal cost – If you lack the resources and/or the internal skills – Flourish is perfect for you.
How does it work?
  1. Participating businesses submit a current SMART objective or challenge
  2. Student teams are assigned to businesses based on background and interest
  3. Student teams work under the direction of the business on the objective
  4. The business and student teams meet weekly, virtually or face to face if possible for project review and objective setting
  5. Each student team will dedicate approximately 30 hours per week to the business project

This timeline describes the overall program flow, starting with Start Up (Business Problem Definition and student team assignment) and reaching completion with the Poster Day presentation and Final Team Evaluation.

When does the program start?
Flourish runs parallel with the School semester – 3 times per year – Fall – October, Winter – January and Summer – May. Participating businesses should be registered one month before kick-off.
What is the Cost of this program?
The cost to participating businesses is $800 per 3-4 month semester. This amount covers the administrative overhead to run the Flourish program. The Students are not paid for their participation.
Where is this program running?
The Flourish program is currently running at The University of Ontario Institute of Technology.   We are planning the expansion of this program to other Universities in the GTA.
What is my responsibility as a participating business?
Participating businesses should create a SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Results focused and Time-bound) objective. Be prepared to provide direction and manage your student team – they are 4th year students and may need more guidance than hired resources. Our experience is that the students are brilliant self-starters that will need clear direction and weekly communication for all participants to get the most value from this program. Communication is the key to this program – communicating weekly on objectives and actions as well as timely communicating to One Million Acts of Innovation if you have any concerns about the program or students.
What kinds of Businesses participate?
We have had a full range of participating businesses, from start up to Fortune 100. If you see value for your business, this program is for you!

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