It’s time to take another look at the word compassion.

What I’m learning from some of the most successful chief innovation officers engaged in One Million Acts Of Innovation is when listening, listen with no agenda.

The ability to authentically listen with none of your agenda/bias in the background, allows for you to notice what is truly being said/communicated and listen for what is not being expressed in communication.

When I asked how do I listen with no background agenda – the answer I got was to bring compassion into the background of the conversation.

Use compassion as a tool/bridging point to get access to what people/market place is actually talking to you about.

When I look at the current world events and look at the word compassion, all I think about is how compassion is a missing in everything we think and talk about.

If you are reading my note, I would love to get your thoughts in how you see the word compassion can be used.

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