Our present technology driven world defines the global landscape on how we do things, transact business, study new learning, and live the lifestyle. Every facet of life is dependent on technology and thus the necessity to keep up with the current demands of time.

It is a “keep up or die” paradigm. The once limited film for camera is now a click, share send device. From your known contacts directory to geographical acquaintance meeting; travel agents organizing flight itineraries to online all-in packages. Our phones used for audio calls, now sending messages to video conferencing. The landscape has changed and whether we like or not, the times demand for keeping abreast on the latest whilst planning for the future to stay relevant in the playing field.

However, the multitude of possibilities diminishes focus effecting goals and outlook. It is too easy to get tossed in the waves of advancement, and it is even more convenient to stay laid back – away from the shore where big waves of advancements are happening. Yet, even if you stay on the sidelines, technological trends seep through.

Innovative thoughts are birthed from collective group of people’s diverse ideas. Staying relevant entails being with the right group of people at the right time. One million acts always start with one step – that one dot, and that small step taken creates the rippling effect of thousands steps – connecting dots, the wavelength that goes through the millions acts of innovation.

One Million Acts of Innovation connects the dots to make a meaningful whole for individual, small business, government, or enterprises.  It is easy to get tossed in the waves of advancement and get drowned in its waves. But with the right anchor and direction, sailing through the modern times and the future presents an adventure whereby the waves are opportunities to surf greater heights, and the sail is ready to fly with the wind.

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