When interviewing/partnering/working with the right individuals, John King (Chairman of One Million Acts of Innovation) says you need to look for individuals who operate from a field called “thinking” and NOT from a field called “knowing”.

Knowing as John describes it, comes from a world of survival. “I” as an individual had to do something in order to survive and hence I went to work and learned about something. As a result, I now know how to do a particular task. I operate in a field called knowing.

Thinking, however, comes from an inquiry. The Japanese term for it is Moushin – an empty mind. Thinking causes new ideas to emerge; but, knowing doesn’t.

We find new thinking from placing ourselves in unfamiliar places.

Familiar; however, doesn’t invite or instigate new thinking.

Why do movements like One Million Acts of Innovation arise in community and not arise in other areas such as business is just because of that.

Areas such as businesses should dominate and lead the conversation in areas they know about. In this case, areas such as growing market shares and profits.

Innovators on the other hand, should be informed by businesses about the current marketplace; but, must be free to experiment, think and to play.

If your group, organization or community is not producing the results you are looking to produce, consider you are working with a group of people who are trained in a field called knowing instead of a field called thinking.

For us, being innovative is a way of being. A place to think from. It’s where real innovation belongs to.

Taimour Zaman – One Million Acts of Innovation

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