Our global not for profit works with chief innovation officers in various corporations and governments to provide

  • Tools and methodologies that will help you create a clear value between your innovation project and strategic business objectives
  • New capabilities & resources that will help you:
    • Create and sustain a culture of innovation.
    • Execute quicker, cheaper and with far less risk: We have a network of trusted resources from around the world who have the experience you need in different parts of your project to be successful.
    • Connect: We connect you to various universities/colleges/students around the world who can provide research, an alternative and creative approach and the resources that help with the execution
    • Buy vs Build : We have the skill sets and experience to help you buy the desired technology/process/ etc. vs. build it by yourself

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Feeling frustrated that you are in the wrong job or project? Here are 7 reasons why you don’t follow your passions and 3 possible solutions that if followed, can change your life.

July 18, 2014
We talk about passion everywhere– on Facebook walls, in books, in classrooms, in movies, in social settings. Everywhere that I turn to, I always find a rich conversation about why you and I should follow our passions. Studies show people who identify & follow their passions tend to be happier; far more engaged about life […]

Why its time to take another look at the word “compassion”

August 6, 2014
It’s time to take another look at the word compassion. What I’m learning from some of the most successful chief innovation officers engaged in One Million Acts Of Innovation is when listening, listen with no agenda. The ability to authentically listen with none of your agenda/bias in the background, allows for you to notice what is truly […]

Sailing through the waves of the modern times

July 24, 2014
Our present technology driven world defines the global landscape on how we do things, transact business, study new learning, and live the lifestyle. Every facet of life is dependent on technology and thus the necessity to keep up with the current demands of time. It is a “keep up or die” paradigm. The once limited […]

Why you might be working with the wrong person and team… and what you can do about it.

July 10, 2014
When interviewing/partnering/working with the right individuals, John King (Chairman of One Million Acts of Innovation) says you need to look for individuals who operate from a field called “thinking” and NOT from a field called “knowing”. Knowing as John describes it, comes from a world of survival. “I” as an individual had to do something […]

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