Our global non for profit works with chief innovation officers in various corporations and governments to provide

  • Tools and methodologies that will help you create a clear value between your innovation project and strategic business objectives
  • New capabilities & resources that will help you:
    • Create and sustain a culture of innovation.
    • Execute quicker, cheaper and with far less risk: We have a network of trusted resources from around the world who have the experience you need in different parts of your project to be successful.
    • Connect: We connect you to various universities/colleges/students around the world who can provide research, an alternative and creative approach and the resources that help with the execution
    • Buy vs Build : We have the skill sets and experience to help you buy the desired technology/process/ etc. vs. build it by yourself

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Recent Activity

Advise Needed for an Accounting Student

May 30, 2014
As a university student studying business commerce/accounting I’ve been looking at different career paths that are available to me and which ones excite me. It’s important for students to research areas that they would be interested in to enable them to understand and identify any challenges that may lie ahead. Accounting offers many exciting career […]

The Dream of Being Your Own Boss

May 30, 2014
I’ve always had a dream of starting my own small business. To be your own boss and to make your own schedule sounds amazing! With the perks of owning your own business accompanies challenges as well. Knowing and researching  what challenges will lie ahead, is needed to help create a business plan, set goals and […]

Passions of Life

May 30, 2014
Hey guys, so in my first blog, I have decided to write about the three interests of my life and the challenges associated with it that I feel will affect me in my life. So my first challenge, would definitely be the CA and CMA merging in the beginning of the year. Since I am in […]

Accounting Students Need More Than Just Technical Skills

May 30, 2014
As a student at UOIT studying business commerce/accounting I have been looking at what challenges I will be faced with when entering into my possible new career. Companies today are not only looking for accountants with technical skills but a whole range of management and personal effectiveness skills. Companies want their accountants to be trusted […]